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For the time being, in response to the COVID-19 virus risk, worship services and other gatherings of First Christian Church, Black Mountain, are suspended. However, while we are suspending our in-person gathering for worship and fellowship, we are not canceling church. We can’t “cancel” church, because we are the church. And if we truly believe we are the church, it’s only possible to cancel church if we stop doing our holy work. All we are canceling (for the time being) is the gathering of companions together in one place.

We began offering a weekly recorded worship service on our YouTube channel beginning on March 22, 2020. You can access the videos by clicking the YouTube link in the footer below, or from our Facebook page (make sure to "follow" us when you are on our page!). 

Cancelling our in-person worship service is a way for us to be a good community partner and to show love for our neighbor by social distancing. Let's take this time to find creative ways to love our neighbor through prayer, phone calls, offers of help, etc.

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